The Guide on Choosing the Perfect Drone Events

There are a lot of explosions of drone training South Africa so as around the world. With the outbreak of this kind of activity, it seems to be difficult to those people who are passionate to learn about drones to pick the right event for them – and it is hard for them to keep track of which drone event to attend too. One of the best things to do as well is to create a list of what are the upcoming drone events, workshops, competitions, or conferences available nearby.

Drone Events

There are a lot of drone events published on the internet but that doesn’t seem legit because it looks like a copy and paste information. Well here are list of how to pick the right one for you.

1. You have to check their call for speaker’s page to see if the speakers on the said conferences will be compensated

If it is not included on the promotional post they have you can contact the event organizer to know more about the details of the event. If they do not give you a good answer then email the speakers directly. The proportionality of how the speakers will be compensated will automatically relate to the quality of the speakers that will be on the conference. You have to look for shows or conferences that compensate the speakers. It may sound weird, but what you want is to learn right?

2. Determine whether the speaker on the show is knowledgeable enough

Some of the drone conferences do not vet their speakers and let the attendees wonder. This results in you listening to posers who are trying to sell their semi-know ideas of drone. There are also times when the speaker is not really on the same field as they are speaking. So you have to know the worth of the money you will pay for the said conference.

3. Consider who else is going to the event

This is a good way to know new connections – these are one of the reasons why some of the elite speakers or professionals might be going because their buddies are going to attend the said event. They are not going for a business that is for sure, they are there to have fun.

4. You have to know whether the conference is focused on the application of drones of the drones itself

You have to avoid going to conferences that talks about more of the platforms and not about the applications, which turns into an expensive hangout for existing participants of the new technology. Go to where the application is being discussed and unfulfilled the needs are – the conferences are for industries that need drones but do not know how.

5. Remember that you are developing a new product or service and want the market to validate it

You can talk to different vendors, speakers and conference participants to get a lot of feedback, real quick on your ideas or how to make it better.

Those are some of the guides that can help you pick the right conference or events for you. Remember that conferences that are recorded is beneficial, wondering why? Because you might not need to attend the conference but could just purchase the audio or you can spend a lot of time networking and listening to the talks after the said competition.

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